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We request you to provide the mandatory data and make best effort to provide optional data. Some data will be public on the website in the print edition and some will remain non public but used by IoTForum in various activities like VC connect and curated event invite

[legal name is preferred]
[ We need a functioning website, Facebook page etc for validating the entry]
[Short name by which your organization advertises. Major Product , Brand]
[ Primary operational base in India]
[ Largest Foreign operation]
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Sector Description
ConsumerHouse,Apartment,Mobile on person
WellnessHealthcare,Diagnostics,Clinical,Sport,Quantified Self, Wearable,Ingestable
CommercialOffice,CoWork, Warehouse,School,Bank Branch,DataCentre
RetailShops,Mall,Stadium,Cinema,Disco,petrol stn
IndustrialIndustrial Factory,Plant, Manufacturing,OffShore Oilwell
CityNationSmart City,SEZ,Campus,Gated Community,Township,Safe nation
FarmVillage,Farming, Diary,Hydroponics. Agriculture/Food/Livestock/ and specific logistics / transport just for these
UtilityPower,Solar, Wind, Waste, Water. Grid, Towers, RightOfWay Tracks
TransportMobile Vehicles car, truck etc.Logistics, Fleet. Drones, Robots for carrying, UAV, Cars, Trains, Bikes EV/HV. Rail,Space,Underwater
IoT ServicesSI and Services for product devlopment and solution implementation. HW ASIC,Semiconductor,Radio , Dev boards, Training, Portal and SW tools for analytics tailored for IoT. Design and manufacturing services.
MiscEducation, Oil , Mining,Defence, BFSI,Adtech ,Not elswhere Classified (NEC).
[ List verticals as in IoT Startup Directory]
[ 300-400 word describing your company, products, industry segments and technology. Prefer you be specific 6LowPAN, LoRa, Renewable energy , Training rather then generic and aspirational.]

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[PoC , Pre Revenue, Funded, Profitable]
[Under 5, Under 15, Under 25, Under 100, More then 100]
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