Workshop: Building IoT Solutions using LPWAN

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These workshops or master classes are well selected for IoTForum's goal of Raising the IoT Quotient of India. In these days of rapid change, startups need to prepare for the future rather than be caught with outdated technologies and old school business models. Some links to Thought Leadership are illustrated in the main page of the IoTForum Workshops. We have kept descriptions of the context and courses brief to allow rapid scanning but do click through the hyperlinked portions, explore topics and blogs at IoTForIndia to get more depth and send us a query or join our Telegram Group and engage.

Checkout this video to get a bird's-eye view of the workshops.

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LPWAN is disrupting incumbent cellular oligopoly and it is useful for start-ups to consider the considerable momentum in this push as evidenced by Arm buys Stream LPWAN Virtual operator.

IoTForum has been advocating additional Spectrum for IoT and that connectivity in public places and hostile environment should seriously evaluate subGHz  LPWAN. TRAI has recommended additional spectrum. The success of LPWAN has forced 3gpp to run a sprint race to cobble up alternatives like NB-IOT, Cat-M1, LTE-M and 5G. Several Smart cities in India have adopted LPWAN.  Senet and Tata Communications are supporting LoRa in India. IoTForum strongly recommends LoRa as it’s possible to deploy without a network operator and local communities ( See Amsterdam Things Network )  have an option to be more self-reliant in not so dense areas and over longer periods of years.

For more You can see LPWAN coverage at IoTForIndia .

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Tata Communications has deployed LoRa in several cities including Bangalore and will provide the kit for this hand’s on workshop to get you productive. Tata Communications is also running a grand innovation challenge with CII / HackerEarth.

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Mr. Kunal Dadia
Associate Director, Product Management – IoT
Tata Communications

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  • Providers selling to industries like:
    • Logistics, Ports, Airport, Construction, Ware Housing, Industrial Asset, Trackers ,People Mobility
  • Product Developers
  • System Integrators
  • Product Engineering
  • OEM/ ODM
  • Embedded Service Providers

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  • Appreciate LoRa superiority as a communications technologies especially for Asset Tracking
  • Develop a Prototype solution
  • Learn how to develop a product using a LoRa and integrate with the application
  • Learn how Tata Communications  is going to help in the entire development

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Your payment will be processed through TiE payment hub. You will receive a confirmation and IoTForum facilitators will be in touch subsequently to help  your participation. There are different options for Day 1 Workshop of IoTNext or both days of IoTNext. TiE and IESA members get special offers.

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10.00AM Registration , Use cases and LoRa Ecosystem
11.45AM Tea break
12.00PM LoRa Wan deep dive
01.15PM Lunch
02.15PM Build a LoRa connected Device
04.15PM Tea
04.30PM Q&A and Close
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91 Springboard
Address: 4th Floor, Salarpuria Tower -1, No. 22, Industrial Layout Landmark: Forum Mall, Hosur Rd, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
Landmark: Near Forum Mall

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  • Programming / development experience with connected IoT devices


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IoTNext 2018 Workshop Queries


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