Hackathon: Hardware/IoT CTF

Why attend?

These workshops or master classes are well selected for IoTForum's goal of Raising the IoT Quotient of India. In these days of rapid change, startups need to prepare for the future rather than be caught with outdated technologies and old school business models. Some links to Thought Leadership are illustrated in the main page of the IoTForum Workshops. We have kept descriptions of the context and courses brief to allow rapid scanning but do click through the hyperlinked portions, explore topics and blogs at IoTForIndia to get more depth and send us a query or join our Telegram Group and engage.

Checkout this video to get a bird's-eye view of the workshops.


IoT devices are easier to hack. IoTForum is leading with FreshThinking to build better safer, more secure IoT solutions. Designing for safety is advocated by consultants and they have missed the plot. More important is to think outside the box like a hacker, explore vulnerabilities and help improve. Builders need to develop systems to meet functional and non-functional requirements. A different breed does much better in breaking things. We need a large number of White Hat hackers and Red  Blue and Purple  teams. Capture The Flags (better known as CTFs) are games where hackers have to find bugs and solve puzzles to find "flags," bits of data that tell the system you've completed a given task. This blog talks about participating in a CTF. Defcon CTF is the big one. Here is a partial list of world wide CTFs.

Mr Robot Based on the TV Series Mr.Robot, Elliot, an introverted Cyber-Security Engineer who joins F-Society contributes in bringing down a corrupt Multi-national financial company Evil Corp, along with his associates. There are a number of challenges that F-Society has to solve in order to accomplish its mission. In this CTF, we have those challenges published already all at once and running in jeopardy style. Solve these challenges to capture the flag and post it in the HackBoard (CTF platform).


We Hacker.care are using jeopardy-style CTFs consisting of completing different challenges from a broad range of categories in order to earn points. No matter your experience or skill sets, we are building levels to suit you; from the most basic to complex problems. will learn various interesting things like RFID cloning, RF signal Capture and Replay attacks, Lock Picking, Firmware Reversing. We will provide IoT hardware.

Join the CTF and start the journey to a fun problem solving and valuable profession Raising the IoT quotient of India.


Sathish Kumar
Red Teamer, Synack Senior Security Researcher, Hacker.Care
Surya Shankar
Junior Pentester and Security Researcher, Hacker.Care
LinkedIn | Github


Learn, Play and Hack

  • The RF
  • RFID Cloning, Lock Picking
  • Firmware reversing (AVR & ARM)
  • Circuit Reversing
  • Working principle of Beacons
  • Social Engineering
  • Explore Serial communications implemented in IoT devices.
  • Get acquainted with ICS protocols
Most invaluable one  -> Connect with like-minded people 😉


  • IoT Developers
  • Cyber Security Enthusiasts
  • Tech Founders & Executives
  • Cool Professors
  • Geeky Students

Your payment will be processed through TiE payment hub. You will receive a confirmation and IoTForum facilitators will be in touch subsequently to help  your participation. There are different options for Day 1 Workshop of IoTNext or both days of IoTNext. TiE and IESA members get special offers.


This is on weekend October 27/28

Saturday 27 October
10.00 AM Registration Introduction to CTF, Team formation Short explanation about getting started with the challenges and rules
11.30 AM Tea
11.45 AM CTF Begins. Teams need not stay in the facility all the time. Further face 2 face meetings in facility will be decided
Sunday 28 October
03.00 PM Meetup to asses
03.30 PM Q&A and Close



Element 14
D Block, 11th Floor, IBC Knowledge Park, 
4/1, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bhavani Nagar, Suddagunte Palya, Bangalore, Karnataka 560029, India



  • CTF Field Guide
  • Laptop (Windows or Linux OS), Minimum of 4 GB RAM, Oracle Virtual Box
  • IoT Hardware will be provided. Special custom VM image will be supplied to the participants



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