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      Our analysis revealed three important findings about value creation:

      AI could allow semiconductor companies to capture 40 to 50 percent of total value from the technology stack, representing the best opportunity they’ve had in decades.
      Storage will experience the highest growth, but semiconductor companies will capture most value in compute, memory, and networking.
      To avoid mistakes that limited value capture in the past, semiconductor companies must undertake a new value-creation strategy that focuses on enabling customized, end-to-end solutions for specific industries, or “microverticals.”
      By keeping these beliefs in mind, semiconductor leaders can create a new road map for winning in AI. This article begins by reviewing the opportunities that they will find across the technology stack, focusing on the impact of AI on hardware demand at data centers and the edge (computing that occurs with devices, such as self-driving cars). It then examines specific opportunities within compute, memory, storage, and networking. The article also discusses new strategies that can help semiconductor companies gain an advantage in the AI market, as well as issues they should consider as they plan their next steps.

      The AI technology stack will open many opportunities for semiconductor companies

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