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      Your meetup

      Title:Farm to Fork accelerator.


      Location: Andhra Pradesh


      Time:June 15



      Hello, this is Masanori Yamamoto from Gastrotope.
      We “Gastrotope” are a catalyst/Farm to Fork accelerator.

      Let me introduce our acceleration program “Fortissimo” which will create new age sustainable Farm to Fork Ecosystem, in association with Government of Andhra Pradesh.



      “Fortissimo” is open for all Agri/Food/Aqua-Tech startups (including food processing, food produce startups, and supply-chain etc), and we will be finding 10 startups for the program in 2018-2019.


      We will provide fund (Up to 50 Lakhs for each), Mentor-ship, Office space and so on.
      Startups can get not only Investment/Mentor-ship/Facility supports, but also will have a chance to get Network to investor, VC, entrepreneur/Access to the market/PoC opportunity etc.


      We set application deadline on June 15th
      Apply form is here, please check and apply for it: 


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