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      #Announcement(General) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]
      #Organizer : IEEE Communications Society/GIOTS #City : Aarhus (Denmark) #StartDateTime : 2019-June-17 #EndDateTime : 2019-June-21

      IEEE Global IoT Summit (GIoTS) is a scientific conference that presents scientific papers on the most recent IoT research results with the aim to bring together the research and industry communities active in the IoT domain. The GIoTS conference is collocated with IoT Week and is endorsed by IEEE and driven by the IEEE Subcommittee on IoT and the IoT Forum.
      After two successful editions in Geneva and Bilbao, the next GIOTS will be held in Aarhus (Denmark), collocated with IoT Week 2019.

      GIoTS 2019 seeks contributions on how to nurture and cultivate IoT technologies and applications for the benefit of society.

      Join us at the third edition of the Global IoT Summit!

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