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      The Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017  provides that every telecom equipment must undergo mandatory testing and certification prior to sale, import of use in India. 

      The testing is to be carried out for conformance to Essential Requirements for the equipment, by Indian Accredited Labs designated by TEC and based upon their test reports, certificate shall be issued by TEC

      IoT / M2M / SN /SD related Essential Requirements (ERs) are being drafted as we speak covering:  

      •  IoT Gateways
      • IoT PoS machines
      • Tracking Devices (vehicle, asset, pet, human/safety)
      • Smart Electricity Meters
      • Smart Watches
      • Smart Security Cameras
      • Wearable Health Devices
      • Non-Cellular LPWAN devices etc.

      C-PRAV Certifications and American Certification Body are bringing the International Wireless Certifications Conference (IWCC), held in a different country each year, to INDIA for the FIRST time.
      Global Experts in the areas of 5G Standards, Why is 5G is not another “G” ?, Devices (incl. IoT devices), Testing for compliance to Standards and Certification to standards (e.g. FCC, CE … and now TEC) are coming foro the first time to India to speak, interact and share their expertise with stakeholders.

      IWCC is to be held in Bengaluru, India on 23rd July 2018. Visit for more details

      [ Editors Note See : India Device Certifications ]

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