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      #Announcement(General) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]
      #Organizer : Microsoft #City : Orlando, USA #StartDateTime : 11-Feb-2019 9.30:00 #EndDateTime : 11-Feb-2019 12:45:00

      The healthcare industry is fast embracing IoT with its ability to rapidly transform organizations for the better, as well as lower medical costs and improve healthcare quality. And with advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and the intelligent edge, digital healthcare solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated – from helping monitor patient care at home to tracking equipment usage with intelligent sensors. Using IoT solutions, the healthcare industry can transform how hospitals operate, the care and treatment of patients and vital equipment maintenance.

      IoT in Action will help you make an informed decision about leveraging the transformative potential of intelligent edge and intelligent cloud solutions to accelerate healthcare business transformation.

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