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      #Announcement(General) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]
      #Organizer : Electronics For You / EFY #City : Bangalore #StartDateTime : 26 Feb 2019 #EndDateTime : 29 Feb 2019

      All of us can “Profit from IOT”. That’s the core belief that drives Whether you run an industrial empire, or develop solutions to cater to them, whether you head the engineering team or are a fresher joining the industry—all of us can profit from IOT. Some will profit in terms of career, others in terms of costs reduced, and then some will see their revenues rise multi-fold.

      Since 2016, when its first edition was voted as World’s #1 IOT event on—the team has been enjoying the challenge of maintaining the event’s global leadership. began as an event targeting developers of hardware products used in IOT solutions. In 2017, it expanded its scope to include the entire range of developers and system integrators. And, in 2018, it has expanded its scope further–to cater to B2B customers from Industrial and Retail sectors too. We are profiting from IOT. How about you?

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