Nanosatellite Network Pilots Bring Affordable Communications to Remote Areas IoT Devices.

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      #News(General) [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]

      Astrocast announced today the launch of 3 new pilots of its Low Earth Orbit Nanosatellite Network.
      The pilots with Actia, Marine Instruments, and Swiss Fresh Water highlight the power of satellite networks to deliver affordable communications to the world’s most remote areas. Designed specifically for IoT, Astrocast’s two-way system allows companies to monitor and control their remote assets, including over-the-air upgrades at lower latency and cost than existing satellite communications networks.

      Astrocast is a nanosatellite network of 64 cubesats specifically designed to transmit and receive low bandwidth data from IoT devices. Astrocast is the first complete solution to deliver:

      100% coverage of the globe including remote areas
      Lowest latency low earth orbit network
      Two-way communications
      L-Band and S-Band frequencies
      Communication module smaller than a credit card designed in partnership with Airbus
      256 bit encryption with multi-level security
      Web application for monitoring assets and subscription plan
      “It is very important for our customers to be able to track and monitor their marine buoys, especially deep at sea and in extreme conditions,” said Francisco Pino, Co-Owner of Marine Instruments. “Our collaboration with Astrocast will make monitoring and controlling IoT devices in remote areas more feasible, especially when the area is hundreds of thousands of nautical miles wide.”

      The Astrocast pilots will continue throughout Q1 of 2019. Companies interested in joining the Astrocast pilot program can email for more information.

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