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      #News(General) [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]

      UK engineers have completed the build of the novel Quantum satellite.

      The telecommunications platform will be the first fully software-defined spacecraft.

      Traditionally, large satellites are configured on the ground for specific tasks that cannot be changed after launch, even if market demands evolve.

      Quantum’s coverage, bandwidth, power and frequency can all be altered in orbit.

      The big Paris-based telecoms operator Eutelsat has procured the 3.5-tonne spacecraft in a R&D partnership with the European Space Agency (Esa), with manufacturer Airbus acting as the prime contractor.

      Yohann Leroy, the Deputy CEO and CTO at Eutelsat, said he believed Quantum to be a game-changer for his industry.

      “It will bring unprecedented flexibility to our customers, allowing for in-orbit payload re-configuration and taking customisation to a new level, while also opening the way to a paradigm shift in the manufacture of telecommunications satellites,” he told reporters.

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