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      #Announcement(Startup) #Product [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]
      #Organizer : VIMCO Technologies #City : Mountain View CA USA #IsTraining : Rosella™ Camera to cloud and AI

      VIMOC Technologies latest deployment in Redwood city on Marshal street. Pedestrian and cyclists safety are critical to the future of smart mobility. An intelligent infrastructure powered by VIMOC’s Rosella Edge Vision Deep Learning will provide the intelligence and the awareness to different public and private stake holders to architect a safer more intelligent intersections. The Rosella software is implemented in the traffic cabinet, a natural and existing edge computing infrastructure asset. As we move towards 5G networks the intelligence will be communicated directly to mobility service providers to distribute safety intelligence to different vehicles

      VIMOC has introduced Rosella™, an AI platform that extends cloud computing down to the infrastructure by using an Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive Computing Network) framework and Edge Computing to deliver real-time data processing that pushes processed “intelligence” to the Cloud, rather than just large amounts data. Rosella™ achieves a high level of operational efficiency, reducing the complexity, cost of integration, and eliminating the single point of failure.




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