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Log Issues here[edit]

Use Wikipedia Sandbox

Please create a account on Wikipedia. The configure to use the wikEd editor by Select wikEd under Gadgets in your wiki preferences. Now Copy&Paste the formatted text, table you want into sandbox. Most of time content will come thru but some formatting may need tweaks as mentioned earlier esp HTML attributes --Arvind Tiwary 22:14, 18 October 2017 (PDT)

Tables need massaging with HTML

See Wikipedia help

  • From Table Help
    • Each mark, except table end (|}), optionally accepts one or more HTML attributes. Attributes must be on the same line as the mark. Cells and caption (| or ||, ! or !!, and |+) hold content. So separate any attributes from content with a single pipe (|), with attributes preceding content.
    • Table and row marks ({| and |-) do not directly hold content. Do not add a pipe (|) after any attributes.
    • Commonly included attributes in tables include: class, for example class="wikitable"; style, for CSS styling; scope, to indicate row or column header cells; rowspan, to extend cells by more than one row; colspan, to extend cells by more than one column.

CSS attributes can be added to the whole table by editing the first line of the table using {| style=" " in the first line. Similarly, attributes can be added to a row using |- style=" " The example below would fill the whole table yellow.

{| class="wikitable" style="background: yellow"

The wikitext for any one row can be compressed onto a single line by joining columns with double-bars "||" between them and ending each row with "<tr>".

Example row 1: |fmtspec|AA||fmtspec|CC||fmtspec|EE<tr> Example row 2: |fmtspec|BB||fmtspec|DD||fmtspec|FF<tr>

(The fmtspec can be bgcolor=beige or style="font-size:91%, width=30%, background-color: orange;" etc.) --Arvind Tiwary 21:02, 18 October 2017 (PDT)