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What blogs and what websites and tweet handles etc should you follow? There are a number of lists but we use a basis this one from Fransisco Maroto a practicing expert (Not the PPT ware management types)


Blogs WebSites[edit]

Machina Resarch

A great team and coined the Low Power Wide Area LPWAN terminology. Now part of Gartner

Stephenson Blog on IoT

Stephenson Strategies is a strategic consulting firm, concentrating on services regarding the Internet of Things.

Berg Insight

dedicated M2M/IoT market research firm based in Sweden since 2004

Beecham Research

IOT & M2M marketspace. IoT Pilot online tool to match adopter needs with IoT platform capabilities.


exclusively dedicated to covering the future of Internet of Things (IoT) middleware, platforms, applications and services

IoT Council

Think tank focused on the Internet of Things with information on events, IoT news and policies.


An excellent website for all things IoT. You can find new and existing projects, events, interviews, IoT related companies and other news about the Internet of Things on Postcapes. Focus is mostly US.

IoT India magazine

India first digital magzine dedicated to IoT. Sister publication of AnalyticsIndia magazine.

Applied Singularity

A pivot from large FaceBook group IoTBLR with convergence of AI and IoT

IOT Institute

Think tank focused on the Internet of Things with information on events, IoT news and policies.Mostly C level business stuff

A community dedicated to learning hardware, from beginner to pro.


Raising the IoT quotient of India

Tweet handles[edit]


@IoTForIndia TiE IoTForum, IoT Startup Directory,Raising the IoT quotient of India

Scot Amyx

@AmyxIoT ‏Managing Partner at Amyx Ventures,TEDx, Tribeca Fellow, Singularity U.,IoT Futurist, Wiley Author, TechCrunch, Innovation Award

IoT Newsletter

@IoTNewsletter A feed for IoT news

Smart Lighting

@SmartLighting1 ‏News outlet for intelligent lighting business, technology & application development and annual international conference

Ben Dickson

@bendee983 ‏Software Engineer|#tech blogger Founder of @bdtechtalks Writes about #IoT #blockchain #AI #cybersecurity #VR #AR everywhere


@libelium ‏Powering the IoT Revolution. Internet of Things Platform Provider #SmartCities #M2M #SmartParking #IoT

IoT Guide

@iotguide ‏Follow us to stay on top of #InternetOfThings news, products and events.

Applied Singularity

@A6Singularity ‏The platform for #IoT and #AI professionals (previously, @iotblr)

Roger Attick

@RogerAttick ‏Focused leadership in global business & policy -- where intelligent machines and fast data drive competitive advantage


@NASSCOMCoEIoT ‏CoE-IoT:initiative of MeitY, ERNET NASSCOM to make India a global leader in #DeepTech #Startup ecosystem and supported by @GOKupdates.


@IoTBlogs ‏#Opines on #IoT Internet of Things by @OpineMediaGroup


@postscapes Tracking the Internet of Things #IoT

You Tube[edit]


See Relayr top 30



Stacey runs an IoT newsletter and successful podcast called ‘Internet of Things Podcast’, wherein she discusses all things IoT, from industry to home usage, analysing the latest trends and interviewing leaders from the industry! She raises many interesting points and ideas on the developing industry.


Carley is a Smart Home professional who is featured on HGTV, helping the public understand the digital switch by testing products and adeptly instructing the public on how to get the most from their technology. She has a passion for problem-solving and technology.


Founder of the IoT Council, Rob is one of the biggest voices in IoT, and he talks about all topics from future development in the sector, the combination of IoT with Machine Learning and AI and different industries that IoT will impact.


Chris is an expert writer and journalist covering recent IoT products and the industry as a whole, offering unbiased opinions on the state of the market, projections for the future and potential improvements for areas in the market.


Follow London based IoT designer, author and speaker Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino to keep up to date with the latest IoT news, ideas and insights. She’s currently writing a book about smart homes!


Megan is an Associate Editor/Reviewer at CNET, and she talks about what it takes to make a great IoT product in the age of increasing competition in the industry. Also follow her for in-depth analysis of the most recent smart home products and services!


Leading journalist for IoT at Forbes, Aaron definitely knows his stuff, and he offers some of the most valuable insight into products, hardware and technology improvements in the industry, as well as comparing what’s out there!