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About IoTWiki

IoTWiki is a project of IoTForum and is meant to help educate the Indian IoT entrepreneurs, mentors and policy makers on this vast, rapidly evolving technology that will likely transform all industries.The goal is to raise the IoT quotient of India.

How to Use

If you are a frist time user of Wiki do spend 5 minutes with First time User . The IoTWiki is new and will grow in content with time. You may start with Browse by category or use search. Please feel free to define terms or edit an article and author a page. IoTWiki adopts open knowledge philosophy of Wikipedia. Please spend some time on IoTWiki Style and guide on editing IoTWiki


A simple list of style and differences from Wikipedia usage. Please allow some inconsistencey as we get going.

  • We use CamelCase ie: IoTStack rather then IoTstack. HWDevelopment rather then HWdevelopment
  • We try to spell IoT with a small O not IOT
  • We are not an encyclopedia. We are a knowledgebase and at the frontier of new stuff. So citations or previous printed content may be difficult and is a non issue. We do not want to be neutral but encourage explicit advise and state your Point of View(PoV) clearly. Reasoned debate helps everyone make informed decisions. Avoid personality, imputing motives and lets' be civil.
  • The IoTWiki is a seperate project from Wikipedia. So W: and WP: shortcuts will not work. We dont as yet support Drafts and Portals. Also many templates of Wikipedia may not work. Be aware if you are borrowing content from there. You can raise a request if that template should be imported.
  • Authors should create new pages under UserWiki!:{pagename} . This is a hack for lack of Draft. Once satisfied and consulted whomever you want you can move to main namespace. You should also create your user page to allow communication with other authors and editors.
  • Our focus is Things, Devices and India. So we may not want to spend effort or wander about Big Data or Lifes Sciences or AR /VR just for curiosity.
  • If you wish to share news, technology trends and ask questions the IoTForIndia Forums may be the better place to go.
  • We encourage you to upload images externally to WikiCommons or other public cloud repository and link to it.Mediwiki will display and simple url pointing to a image inline. No need to create a link . Right now not much control on sizing. Working on it
  • Search may need some fiddling around for plural and case . Try variations of the concept or browse thru the CategoryTree.If there are variations in spelling that need to be handled do suggest setting up redirect pages. We will track requested pages ( user made queries but did not find a page and will be setting up sub teams to work on them)

IoTForIndia website

The associated IoTForum website has public and private discussion groups( Forums) for more topical discssion and news. There are dedicated discussion forums around HW & SW development, business model as well as usecases in verticals. The best benefit of the IoTWiki will be to join both and particpate.

Currently there is no single sign-on between the wiki and forums. You need to have (potentially different) usernames and passowrd in both system


IoTWiki organizes content in a hierarchy of categories. Each Article may belong to one or more Category. The Category tree is a good place to start browsing. Authors and editors should correct mis categorization and link to lowest node of the tree. CategoryTree


We are not an encyclopedia and may be biased and have a contrarian PoV. We try to attribute sources when we reuse or repurpose material from the web but we are human and may miss out. Apologies and let us know and we will correct