Hydroponics, Indoor Farming and the Future of Food Without Soil

Our vast factory-like farms, which cover 40% of the world’s lands, are destroying the topsoil at a faster rate than the earth can create it.

Figure 1: World cropland, which covers about 40% earth’s landmass. Source: USGS

Figure 2: Crop yields vary due to climate, management practices, and the mix of crops grown. Map shows average yields for 16 major crops. Green indicates higher yield. Source: Institute of the Environment, University of Minnesota

Farming without soil




The future of food

Figure 3: An Aerofarm growing operation

Serving tomorrow’s needs with today’s tech

How emerging technology can play a role

Figure 4: The performance of Nvidia’s chips increased 317 times since late 2012. Source: WSJ

Figure 5: Survey of profitability by indoor farm system type. Green represents a profitable farm. Source: Agrilyst

Where does venture capital come in?

Final thoughts

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