Industrial IoT Summit 2019

[ June 15, 2019  Industrial IoT Summit  coverage. See event page for more context and slide decks that speakers have allowed us to share. Over 150 engaged participants had many questions and answers and it was a busy and buzzing day ]


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Latika Pai, Country Head at Microsoft for Startups, is a proven leader with over 25 years in startup, , angel investing and non-profit arenas, and currently leads MENA/SAARC region for Microsoft for Microsoft for Startups. Her session was followed by a technical session Muniraju Pulipalyam - CTO-in-Residence at Microsoft , Bangalore.


Key Takeaways

  • Over the next two years, Microsoft has pledged 500 million dollars to support startups with access to , community spaces, and sales opportunities.
  • Microsoft Breadth Program focus on cutting-edge technology startups into AI, ML, IOT & Cognitive Sciences, while Depth program is more for B2B Series A funded & revenue-generating companies who are ready to scale and service some of Microsoft’s customers.
  • Successful IoT Solutions Demand Edge Computing Capabilities, there will be a full hands-on workshop on Microsoft IoT Edge - which will explore more secure and cohesive computing environment - ensuring more devices have versatile connectivity.
  • Microsoft’s Perspective on IoT is that it enables a digital feedback loop connecting businesses to products to customers, enabling better products and customer insights. Businesses to assets, enabling transformational optimization.

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Fog or Cloud? The Answer Is Yes.

Introducing Azure IoT Hub device streams

Securely Connect an Industrial PLC to Azure

eSIM: A game changer?

You can look to a masterclass on eSIM using an MVNO type offering. The TRAI approved m2m SIM can select one out of the  most powerful operators configured in your plan and connect. You may need to subscribe the different tariff plans from each operator.

Key Takeaways

  • The embedded SIM (eSIM) offers advantages of factory fitment, grade, small footprint, telco choice, seamless connectivity, embedded crypto capabilities, quality of service.
  • 5G is key for use cases of Smart Cities, remotely operated equipment, connected work forces, robotics, asset monitoring, connected vehicles, V2X communication, traffic optimisation, video analytics.
  • Seonsorise has formal agreements with BSNL, Vodafone Idea, MTNL and Airtel for producing M2M bulk connections services, and is the only organisation having this spread of TSP Partners.

DoT Instructions for eSIM include certain restrictions for M2M Connections like: Outgoing/Incoming calls to/from only one predefined numbers, remotely configurable/changed in the . Date communication should be with a private APN and maximum of 2 whitelisted IPs.

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3 Reasons why esim is ready to make an impact.

Remote SIM Provisioning unlocks new use cases

eUICC next step towards multi-carrier, multi-platform IoT.

eUICC development mobile operators guilty of dragging their feet


Round table : Emerging Cellular IoT Networks

IoT applications are rapidly maturing while networking technologies and manufacturers of "things" have caused an explosion in the number of connected devices. There are published reports which estimate that the number of connected things will reach 50 billion in the near future. The Industrial IoT Summit would discuss on a wide area and efficient connectivity to the Internet of Things(IoT), a key factor in such an explosion, through the usage of LTE - LTE MTC (Machine Type Communication), LTE M2M or just LTE-M. The 3GPP made significant efforts to standardize and convert LTE into an IoT capable technology. Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a new cellular technology introduced in 3GPP Release 13 for providing wide-area coverage for the Internet of Things (IoT). We discuss how the new technology addresses key IoT requirements such as deployment flexibility, low device complexity, long battery lifetime, support of a massive number of devices in a cell, and significant coverage extension beyond existing cellular technologies.


Key Takeaways

  • COAI engages with regulation DOT & TRAI and is the voice of the with the government, particularly with the mobile ecosystem.
  • They have invested 9 Lakh crores worth of infrastructure across the country, as they prepare for 5G to get rolled out by 2021.
  • Femto cells to offload dense devices from cellular to boradband are available today and are being deployed. Competitive prices less then 1Lakh. Talk to your operators

White box network’s a huge opportunity for business startups, while with Cloud immediate and important decision-making can be taken.

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Selling IoT connectivity presents a challenge for traditional telecom providers

Private LTE Industrial IoT, and the FCC’s new $20.4 Billion Funding

Cellular M2M Market Analysis and Growth 2018 – 2025
‘Future of telco industry is not telcos’
5G hype: McKinsey Survey shows telcos’ nuanced views


Panel : Private IoT Networks – Wi-Sun, Bluetooth Mesh, Proprietary Protocols

The concept of private networks is not new, but with the recent confluence of new spectrum sharing innovations and the genesis of “Industry 4.0” — the digital transformation of industrial processes and the fourth industrial revolution — the potential for private IoT networks is substantial. The unique concept of private IoT networks is that they empower enterprise customers to run their own local network with dedicated equipment and settings.

At IoTDay, we covered sub GHZ LoRa in depth. Continuing the focus, in the technology section at IIoT Summit we will cover the emerging “standard” for (electric) utility Wi Sun Alliance, Bluetooth mesh from the new features covering more range and more throughput from BlueTooth 5. We will also explore proprietary sub GHz protocols that are in use in India today



  • Mesh networks are good for an ‘under construction’ country like India as it involved several inconsistencies, shared by Amarjeet Kumar, Founder & CTO Procubed and an expert in the field of wireless communication technologies.
  • Abhishek Latthe from SenseGiz shared his experience with Mesh, leverages it to specifically address concerns of range, power consumption, when compared to earlier Bluetooth legacy standards.
  • Nagaraj K.G., Engineering Director from Melange Systems, shared his working with modules of DCUs and OEM with technologies like Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, WiFi, BLE, LoRa, WiSun,NBIoT+2G, and his procuring data wirelessly were inline with government contracts.
  • WiSun is a well accepted protocol for Electric utility field metering and is being adopted in India
  • WiPass provides alternative using different modems and spectrum bands

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    Unlicenced low power M2M connections to approach 400 million by 2022, says Juniper Research
    The Impact of IoT boom on developing low-power wide-area network solutions
    What the Hell is – FOTA / OTA / OTASP / OTAP

Strategy to Win Enterprise Business


The most popular session echoing the invitation to the session : “I sent them 3 proposals, followed up 5 times on email, telephoned 12 times and even went there twice to meet completely different sets of people! They are still evaluating after 6 months!” Sounds familiar? Sales is no more "shooting from the hip" or "product pitch" and "unique vaule proposition"! It has evolved to bringing perspective in customer conversations. Having perspective conversations in complex sales needs a strategic outlook.

The session on Strategy to Win Enterprise Business deals with these questions and opens up a new way of successful selling. We discuss: 1. Buyer expectations - what does your customer want 2. Effective behavior to win complex sales 3. Understand your Buying Influences 4. Identify best practices for "Healthy Funnel" management 5. Define the competitive forces and develop a strategy to win against them



  • B2B Customers today expect solution providers to understand their business, have excellent communication (right message, right person, right time about the right stuff), focus on post-sales as validation among customers today is a normal process.
  • Another major expectation is of providing insights & perspectives. It is essentially somebody who uses their intelligence and provides customers on how will it impact their world. Companies today are expected to bring insights as well as their expertise together.
  • Competition is defined as an alternative solution, it can be customers have options to buy from someone else or use their budget for something else or using their internal sources or even doing nothing at all.
  • There are different buying influencers in a company, they include ‘User Buying Influence’ where the decision-making is personal as they will have to live the solution. Then there’s the technical buying influence, where the customer’s evaluation is on quantifiable aspects of the proposal - they can only decide to let you play the game and cannot decide who wins. The final influencer is the coach, who acts as your guide in validity of opportunity, other buying influencers and elements of a company’s strategic analysis.

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    Why IoT Pilots don’t scale
    Finding the IoT Sales Experts of the World

IIoT Use Cases

Industrial automation using SCADA precedes modern IoT. Industrial IoT (IIoT) is also a foundation for Industry  4.0.  Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has penned a book/report on The Fourth Industrial Revolution.  WEF has also opened a centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution network in partnership  with NITI Aayog in India. McKinsey has been periodically doing survey for many years and paint a picture of opportunities and challenges in their 2018 survey.


Industrial IoT represents a variety of IoT applications, smart product design principles, and data-driven automation practices in the industrial sector of the economy. The Industrial IoT is a key element of Industry 4.0, or smart factory, the trend of automation, which brings together modern cloud computing, IIoT, and AI to create intelligent, self-optimizing industrial equipment and facilities. The panel members would share a comprehensive bouquet of use cases from end users, operational technology players, start-ups and global engineering service providers. We shall understand the business context, solution and metrics ( range of devices, time, effort, cost, and RoI) as well as an overview of technical architecture, systems and components.







  • Data security is very important. While building enterprise architecture for IoT, have cyber security as your top priority, shared Ramasubramanian - IIoT Specialist Manager at Fanuc.
  • Sunil Ghai, Co-Founder of DataGlen, trusts POC to serve two purposes, mainly show your technical capabilities as well as building a personal relationship to gain confidence of customers in support and the entire ecosystem, beyond just the product.
  • Tej Pochiraju, Director of IoTReady, believes talking about IoT Communication there is no globally accepted or recommended standard. He suggests to keep one’s architecture migratable.

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LF Edge: Building an Open Source Framework for the Edge

Industrial IoT and Defensive Patent Strategy


  • NPEs (Non-Practising Entities) continue to account for over 85% of all IoT litigation.
  • Startups and small companies are softest targets for trolls
  • 50% of all companies sued by trolls make less than $10 million per year.
  • Over 50% of all patent lawsuits concern software patents.
  • Benefits on Open Invention Network include royalty-free access to Linux System patents of over 2900 members, challenge potential patent applications if appropriate, collective intelligence from global community and support members who are under attack from patent aggregators.


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