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India IoT Startup Directory Oct 2017


IoT is emerging and has no clear definition. For this directory we have been broad and included robotics and smart even if they may not have much connectivity. IoT also uses non internet connectivity like Bluetooth or LPWAN like LoRa so we have relaxed the need for cloud based solutions. We have included data analytics or AI and Software only providers where we knew that there was significant IoT connection. In the past we have also included AgriPortals as that has been the main way AgriTech adoption was beginning. We will review these more carefully in . We also cover many start-ups in the IoT (data loggers, real time analytics) space sometimes even if they do not have any device. We exclude generic software offerings which have not been used in a IoT context. Since electronics and hardware takes time to develop we have included companies and SME with a longer innings exceeding 5 years provided they are dominantly into smart devices.


We have attempted to allocate a primary location to each company. Some of them have HQ outside India and in that case we have used the operational HQ in India. In case of multiple locations, we have attempted to assign a primary location.

Trade Name or Brand

Some companies are better known by the or brand ( getActive) rather than the company name ( 2MPowerHealth) so we have included the trade name or product or brand where we knew this. You may find it easier to search for a specific company or product on the website but we have provided listings by Brand and City also. Names and brands can be very similar like Indrion Technologies and Indriyn Data Analytics. We have a internal Company ID and this may be printed on some reports. Please use that when corresponding for a correction of data.


Location wise

Cities < 10 sentries are merged into “Other”

Companies with foreign only locations are located by country.

Sector Classification

We have classified by Industry or vertical or sector to which they provide services[i]. In many cases multiple verticals are served. The new 2017 classification is


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