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        Machine learning (ML) is an innovative tool that advances technology in every industry around the world.
        From the most subtle advances like Netflix recommendations to life-saving medical diagnostics or even writing content machine learning facilitates it all.
        Machine learning mimics the human brain.
        It entails deep learning from its neural networks natural language processing (NLP) and constant changes based on incoming information.
        These eight examples show how various industries use machine learning and how some may use it in the near future.

        However machine learning is an underlying dynamic that can improve worker safety during the construction process.
        This process uses machine learning.
        When it comes to automatically categorizing images machine learning is the best in the game.
        For instance Google Images uses ML to instantly learn and categorize dogs based on features and similar photos.
        In other fields image recognition ML can process a document or handwritten notes and automatically transcribe the content.
        From maps to online printouts to mobile apps directions are now one of the most vital integrations of machine learning algorithms.
        The medical industry uses machine learning for diagnostic purposes.
        Based on this information and similar cases machine learning can help doctors plan out treatment paths and project how the condition will develop.

        Language and speech recognition have become common uses of ML in everyday life.
        For instance when you ask Siri to research something this act uses language processing to learn and adapt.
        These bots use machine learning and NLP to understand your request.
        Language processing systems must continue to develop and learn since language and slang evolve constantly.
        Newer camera systems can use machine learning to properly label the equipment on the work site.
        Email filtering is one of the most subtle uses of machine learning that people unknowingly benefit from every day.
        Google for instance

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