A Look at Transportation Challenges and their Future

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        As the world continues to get vaccinated and the end of the pandemic is finally in view the transportation industry can now set its sights on overcoming challenges related to bigger picture issues such as emissions control autonomous vehicles other advances in artificial intelligence and increased efficiency.As the transportation industry is currently the second-largest spender in the IoT changes in the industry will affect any and all industries that rely on transportation (which is only increasing as a larger dependence on e-commerce and product delivery is expected to continue after being necessity during the pandemic).

        Many aspects of autonomous travel have been seen “here and there” over the last few years including navigation systems that can direct drivers around traffic and automatic breaking features when a vehicle detects something in its path.The ultimate goal for autonomous vehicles is fully automated travel from point A to point B and companies such as Tesla are making serious advancements on the private side.Whether they like it or not (which they probably don’t) laws related to emissions are going to become increasingly strict for transportation companies and their continued existence depends on utilizing emission-lowering technology relative to the future of transportation.

        For the ground transportation sector the aforementioned autonomous vehicles are the main way to reduce emissions as the majority are electric vehicles.Thus the responsibility is twofold with the government needing to enforce rules more strictly and the aviation industry needing to make concerted efforts to lower emissions as even amidst the green revolution of the past decade planes and jets have become increasingly bad for the planet and humans have become increasingly dependent on flight.Though autonomous ground travel is heavily dependent on AI many other uses are helping shape the future of transportation.On-vehicle sensors like the ones being advertised by many

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