Air Protein raises $32m to create sustainable ‘meat’ from  thin air

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        It’s early days but meat alternatives (the protein would go through an extrusion process) are one of the most promising application areas said CEO Dr Lisa Dyson noting that air protein “would be a primary protein vs a supporting one”​ in such products.


        As for consumer messaging (how do you talk to shoppers about air protein which isn’t animal plant or fungi-based?) she said: “Our marketing platform is still in development; however we anticipate that a key part of our messaging will focus on the products’ superior protein levels and unparalleled benefits to the planet.”​ Air Protein deploys single-cell organisms called hydrogenotrophs first studied by NASA in the 1960s which can convert core elements from the air into complete protein producing large quantities of biomass “in the dark in any season in any geography ” ​​said Dr Dyson who said the key inputs are beverage-grade CO 2 ​ (the same type used in sparkling water) water minerals and electricity.

        While crops require months to go from seed to harvest Air Protein’s probiotic production process is ready for harvest in hours.”​ A spinoff of Kiverdi​​ ​​ which is using microbes to produce a variety of products from oils to fish food Air Protein’s ‘flour’ has an ~80% protein content and all the essential amino acids along with minerals and vitamins including B12 (which many vegans struggle to get through their diet). She would not comment on potential pricing for air protein at this stage but noted the efficiencies and sustainability benefits of a product that can use a recycled greenhouse gas as its core input producing large quantities of protein ‘to order’ in a matter of hours without using vast tracts of land to grow crops or feed animals. The inspiration behind Kiverdi​​ (which is licensing its technology around protein production for human food applications to Air Protein​​) came from NASA projects dating back to the 1960s exploring how single-cell organisms called hydrogenotrophs could convert waste carbon

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