Amazon launches computer vision service to detect defects in manufactured

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        Amazon today announced the general availability of Amazon Lookout for Vision a cloud service that analyzes images using computer vision to spot product or process defects and anomalies in manufactured goods.
        Amazon says Lookout for Vision which is available in select Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions via the AWS console and supporting partners is able to train an AI model using as few as 30 baseline images.
        Lookout for Vision aims to combat this by injecting a bit of AI into the mix detecting manufacturing and production defects including cracks dents incorrect color and irregular shape in products from their appearance.
        The service can process thousands of images an hour and requires no upfront commitment or minimum fee Amazon says.
        Customers pay by the hour for usage to train the model and detect anomalies or defects using the service.
        After analyzing the data Lookout for Vision reports images that differ from the baseline via the service dashboard or a real-time API.
        Amazon claims Lookout for Vision is sophisticated enough to maintain accuracy with variances in camera angle pose and lighting arising from changes in work environments.
        Lookout for Vision will automatically retrain the underlying model so the service continuously improves.
        Customers using Lookout for Vision include GE Healthcare Basler and Sweden-based Dafgards.
        (Lookout for Vision launched in preview with customers beginning in December 2020 after being unveiled during Amazon’s virtual re:Invent conference.) Dafgards is using the service to automate the inspection of its production lines and detect whether pizzas hamburgers and quiches have the correct toppings.
        And Amazon’s own Print-On-Demand facility which prints books to fulfill customer orders is tapping Lookout for Vision to automate and scale visual inspection at each step of book manufacturing.
        “Whether a customer is placing toppings on a frozen pizza or manufacturing finely calibrated parts for an airplane

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