Blockchain to Authenticate Coronavirus-Response KN95 Face Masks From China

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        Blockchain to Authenticate Coronavirus-Response KN95 Face Masks From China
        Validating the case for blockchain
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        David Menard, the CEO and founder of Real Items Company — a technology firm that aims to reduce counterfeits using blockchain — said that following the announcement that KN95 masks would be used in the U.S., he reached out to KN95 mask manufacturers in China to explain how blockchain can be applied to ensure product authenticity.
        After hearing these masks would be used in America, I was staying up 24-hours a day to get a hold of a factory in China that would use Real Item’s technology to guarantee authenticity for their KN95 masks.”
        That same technology, which is powered by VeChain’s public blockchain, will now be applied to track and trace KN95 masks back to their source of manufacturing.
        Menard explained that Real Items is working directly with production factories in both China and Seattle to ensure that boxes of KN95 masks are shipped with a sticker containing a two-factor authentication QR code.
        The boxes tagged with the QR codes can then be scanned by retailers and healthcare facilities upon arrival to verify that the KN95 masks indeed came from Tricol.
        Corey Koscielniak, the vice president of sales at Tricol Group, told Cointelegraph that the firm produces over 5 million KN95 masks per month on average and caters to a diverse customer base around the world.
        Koscielniak further explained that it’s much easier to ensure authentic KN95 masks when a company like Real Items works directly with a factory, adding: “We can now trace everything back to the source, which will allow the customer to feel better about our products.”
        While blockchain might appear as the silver bullet solution for ensuring authenticity of KN95 masks, Menard explained that it has been challenging to partner with large organizations due to government regulations.
        He noted that while interest in blockchain has gained traction from companies like Tricol Group, the FDA still requires a verification system to show that KN95 masks made in China are indeed authenticated

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