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        Double takes on AI and 5G
        Narrow and General AI
        5G NR and 5G NSA

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        There are two versions of AI and 5G.
        For AI and 5G the way these terminologies are covered on the Net is obscuring the business case for the deliverable versions, says freelance technology writer, Bob Emmerson.
        Narrow and General AI
        Therefore let’s make a pragmatic start and define intelligence as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills and then define AI as being the business of getting computers to do tasks that would normally require human intelligence.
        So far so good, but before covering those tasks we should underline the fact that there are two versions: Narrow and General AI.
        Narrow AI is where we are right now.
        General AI is where the Net tells us we are going.
        Narrow AI (aka weak AI, an unfortunate term) automates the boring, repetitive parts of many jobs and lets people take care of the parts that require care and attention.
        It focuses on specific tasks that the technology performs much better than humans.
        Given enough pictures of skin cancer an AI system can become better and a lot quicker than experienced doctors in spotting the disease.
        It’s a machine learning app and machine learning is a ground-breaking development that doesn’t need rebranding as AI.
        General AI (aka strong AI) is expected to be able to reason, solve problems, make informed judgments, plan, learn, leverage prior knowledge and be innovative, imaginative and creative.
        5G NR and 5G NSA
        The two versions of 5G are 5G NR (aka Standalone 5G) and 5G NSA (Non-Standalone).
        Standalone is the over-hyped version, which will deliver three generic network services: mMTC, URLLC and eMBB; typical telecom-insider terms.
        5G NSA uses the LTE radio access and the core network technology that is employed in 4G networks.
        This combination enables operators to provide 5G-type services over LTE that have more bandwidth, throughput, capacity as well as better connection reliability

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