DualFog-IoT: Additional Fog Layer for Solving Blockchain Integration Problem in IoT

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        Integration of blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) to build a secure, trusted and robust communication technology is currently of great interest for research communities and industries. But challenge is to identify the appropriate position of blockchain in current settings of IoT with minimal consequences. In this article we propose a blockchain-based DualFog-IoT architecture with three configuration filter of incoming requests at access level, namely: Real Time, Non-Real Time, and Delay Tolerant Blockchain applications.

        The DualFog-IoT segregate the Fog layer into two: Fog Cloud Cluster and Fog Mining Cluster. Fog Cloud Cluster and the main cloud datacenter work in a tandem similar to existing IoT architecture for real-time and non-real-time application requests, while the additional Fog Mining Cluster is dedicated to deal with only Delay Tolerant Blockchain application requests. The proposed DualFog-IoT is compared with existing centralized datacenter based IoT architecture. Along with the inherited features of blockchain, the proposed model decreases system drop rate, and further offload the cloud datacenter with minimal upgradation in existing IoT ecosystem.

        The reduced computing load from cloud datacenter doesn't only help in saving the capital and operational expenses, but it is also a huge contribution for saving energy resources and minimizing carbon emission in environment. Furthermore, the proposed DualFog-IoT is also being analyzed for optimization of computing resources at cloud level, the results presented shows the feasibility of proposed architecture under various ratios of incoming RT and NRT requests. However, the integration of blockchain has its footprints in terms of latent response for delay tolerant blockchain applications, but real-time and non-real-time requests are gracefully satisfying the service level agreement

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