eSIM Technology Is Predicted to Be the Next Step in the Evolution of IoT

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        Currently eSIM solutions are used predominantly in smartphones laptops and other similar devices but there are signs indicating that eSIM technology is expected to be the next step in the evolution of IoT devices. Below are some of the key factors enabling researchers to believe that eSIM will be the future of IoT devices along with why this seemingly inevitable evolution may be still slower than expected.

        eSIM chips are around five times smaller than even nano-SIM cards but this decrease in size frees up IoT devices for growth in other areas. Considering that IoT devices themselves can vary in size greatly this size difference between standard SIM cards and newer eSIM chips could make a large difference in devices such as smartphones albeit a smaller difference in larger devices such as laptops. Going further having a smaller size means that IoT developers could place more security hardware within devices. By removing the size factor of SIM technology through the use of an embedded rather than a physical chip IoT designers can integrate technology into their devices that will better protect data and privacy therefore reducing the number of data breaches. It’s not just eSIMs smaller size that allows IoT devices to improve security but the chips themselves. Perhaps one of the biggest security benefits of an eSIM for IoT devices is the mere fact that the chip is embedded. This increased design flexibility will allow IoT devices in general to focus more on internal hardware development and make room for new technologies.

        Finally a third factor in why eSIM technology may be a major player in the evolution of the IoT is the interoperability of this technology. However eSIM uses a single standard that could make integration across different IoT devices a smoother process. With the added security eSIMs can bring and the smaller design that allows for IoT devices to improve their hardware it’s clear why eSIM technology has been duped as the next big thing for the tech

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