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        By Abhinav Dubey entrepreneur a strategist and a technologist.There is an unimaginable volume of data streaming across this network and the number of devices expected to join the league needs no introduction.

        It is not incorrect to say that the data we store and share will cross paths with some IoT networks.Given such accessibility the most popular use cases of 5G internet hovers around some IoT apps.For example the ability to drive IIoT ecosystems over a cellular network is a milestone and there’s no second thought about that.

        The network consumption of all elements in IoT (elements & apps) could greatly vary it is essential to emphasize those with strong signaling requirements.5G pushes for beamforming; a technique that uses signals from multiple antennas and directs them towards a particular device.Long-Range (LoRa) is a device-to-cloud connectivity spectrum and built for devices that can transmit over a wider area consuming low power.For their longer battery life LoRa devices are widely applicable in manufacturing plants wherein sensors relay data packets in real-time over a LoRaWAN network.Ideally it is a great deal for Industrial IoT (IIoT) ecosystems willing to implement non-cellular wide-area connectivity.

        As per ABI Research LoRa could account for more than 50% of all non-cellular LPWA networks by 2026.The total number of these non-cellular LPWA connections is expected to reach 1.3 billion.A global IoT network is an ambitious project for many product development companies.Such an infrastructure means uninterrupted connectivity to the network regardless of geographic borders or time zones.A global cellular network means uninterrupted device connectivity without changing networks.Given the vision of the IoT community to build a smarter and connected world this is a great step.Flolive for example offers cloud-native connectivity of the IoT devices anywhere in the world.From personalized networks to industrial IoT solutions the globally

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