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        #Announcement(IoTStack) #Event #Webinar [ via IoTGroup ]
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        So how can enterprise applications best achieve the low latency, high-security networks they need today, before 5G becomes widespread?

        Private LTE networking provides many of the benefits of 5G, right now. In addition to providing incredible performance, private LTE almost eliminates exposure to data breaches, enables granular network control, and can greatly reduce costs compared to WiFi.

        Join industry experts Alistair Elliott, Bob Emmerson, and Brian Anderson for a discussion of how private LTE can transform enterprises by saving time and money, providing higher security, reduced latency, and network slicing ahead of 5G.

        5 Reasons why you should attend:

        Don’t wait for 5G, find out how private LTE can solve your enterprise connectivity challenges, today
        Discover how private LTE beats WiFi on cost, speed, latency, and network control
        Keep your devices safe from increasing cyber threats with device quarantine, private networking, and network slicing
        Hear about how private LTE has already transformed industrial enterprise applications
        Learn how different levels of private LTE, from public-based to completely private, suit businesses at all stages.

        Duration: 60 min.

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