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        #Announcement(IoTStack) #Event #Webinar [ via IoTGroup ]
        #Organizer : CUTS-CIRC #StartDateTime : 08 July 2020 19:00

        CUTS conducted a consumer survey in Delhi, in order to gauge consumers perceptions and
        expectations from 5G. The findings brought forth three prevailing myths from the perspective of
        the consumers, which have been given belo;w.
        1 . 5G is only about enhanced speed: 5G will unlock novel use cases for consumers based on
        its characteristics of eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC. These include: ultra-high definition video
        streaming, real time AR and VR, cloud gaming, health monitoring system/ tele-health,
        smart grids, expansion of Internet of Things (loT) use cases to smart consumer wearable,
        smart homes, smart cities etc.
        2. 5G enabled services are coming to India soon: Commercial roll-out of 5G in India's does
        not seem likely this year, on account of the weak financial position of India's telecom sector,
        4G itself being at a nascent stage in India, country specific use cases are yet to be
        developed, unaddressed spectrum allocation issues etc.
        3. Once available, 5G will replace 4G altogether and fast: 5G and 4G are likely to co-exist in
        the near future as building a dense network for 5G is expensive and time consuming,
        making its reach unevenly spread across geographies. Due to this, interworking 5G with
        4G may become imperative in the early stages.

        The panel discussion as part of the webinar would focus on the mythts/realities.

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