The 65-inch Looking Glass 8K Holographic Display is Largest Ever Created

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        Looking Glass Factory the company behind software and hardware that creates and displays holograms has announced the largest holographic display ever made: a massive 65-inch 8K resolution panel.The company says that the new display is five times larger than any other 3D holographic display ever demonstrated by any other company and 50 times larger than any other holographic display designed to work with a group that has come to market.

        Looking Glass Factory says that its huge size is designed to be able to display 3D holographic content to groups and will work well for “experiential marketing ” 3D storytelling engineering and design.Looking Glass Factory started with a 3d-cre” rel=”follow external noopener” target=”_blank”>Kickstarter project for a landscape-oriented 3D display that was successfully backed in 2018.From there it grew to include a portrait-oriented desktop-sized digital photo frame in 2020 that was designed to showcase 3D holograms.

        Those holograms could be made from scratch in the company’s software or produced using a Portrait Mode photo from an iPhone.In early 2021 Looking Glass Factory launched software that could turn any 2D image into a 3D hologram in seconds with no programming knowledge.While Looking Glass Factory has focused on desktop-sized displays to this point its new 65-inch 8K display is designed to show how its technology can be used in other applications.The company says it is already in use by entertainment companies for both storytelling and marketing.Namely this week Springbok Entertainment is premiering its new film entitled Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise on the 65-inch display at the 2022 Tribeca Festival’s immersive program.

        Looking Glass Factory says the new giant device is the only headset-free 65-inch holographic display on the market is viewable by groups of up to 50 people and creates a sense of considerable depth to images despite the fact that the display is only three inches thick.The company says that at the moment the new display is only for Looking Glass

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