The hype around DeepMind’s new AI model misses what’s actually cool about it

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        “Nature is trying to tell us something here which is this doesn’t really work but the field is so believing its own press clippings that it just can’t see that ” he adds.It’s like predicting the stock market ” said Kay.

        In a way the fact that DeepMind called Gato a “generalist” might have made it a victim of the AI sector’s excessive hype around AGI.The AI systems of today are called “narrow ” meaning they can only do a specific restricted set of tasks such as generate text.Some technologists including some at DeepMind think that one day humans will develop “broader” AI systems that will be able to function as well as or even better than humans.

        Though some call this artificial general intelligence others say it is like “belief in magic.“ Many top researchers such as Meta’s chief AI scientist Yann LeCun question whether it is even possible at all.But that is a world apart from a “general” AI that can meaningfully adapt to new tasks that are different from what the model was trained on says MIT’s Andreas: “We’re still quite far from being able to do that.” Making models bigger will also not address the issue that models don’t have “lifelong learning ” which would mean that if taught something once they would understand all the implications and use it to inform all the other decisions they make he says.The hype around tools like Gato is harmful for the general development of AI argues Emmanuel Kahembwe an AI and robotics researcher and part of the Black in AI organization cofounded by Timnit Gebru.“There are many interesting topics that are left to the side that are underfunded that deserve more attention but that’s not what the big tech companies and the bulk of researchers in such tech companies are interested in ” he says.McGovern Foundation a charity that funds AI projects “for good.” “AGI speaks to something deeply human—the idea that we can become more than we are by building tools that propel us to greatness ” he says.

        “And that’s really

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