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Visual Editor[edit]

It is common to use WYSIWYG editors like Microsoft Word . Wikipedia lacked this for a long time and started a Visual Editor project. The Wikipedia Foundation hoped this would encourage more users to become contributors. However this did not materialize as of 2015 and the editor does not seem to be a very active project.

For IoTWiki it is very important to be able to cut and paste rich text from MS Word or Excel . We are planning to use wikEd WYSIWYG editor. It may not work properly with Internet Explorer( IE) . It is supposed to work for Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.

WikEd Screeshot

Rich text[edit]

The underlying HTML, with some restrictions, is used by MediaWiki to render pages. So HTML tags are needed. For example a class=wikitable tag on a wikitext table will render with borders. The MediWiki help on Tables is a must read. we may have some teething problems getting this to work properly and please use the Talk or Discussion page of this article to help

User Guide[edit]