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IoTWiki is a project of IoTForum and is meant to help educate the Indian IoT entrepreneurs, mentors and policy makers on this vast, rapidly evolving technology that will likely transform all industries.The goal is to Raise the IoT quotient of India. We plan to evangelize usage of "India appropriate technology" and cut thru PR and motivated sales talk .

  • We consider that IoT is new and evolving and there are no role models or templates to copy. This gives us license to define terms used in poular literature .
  • Terms are undefined and used inconsistently .
  • We try to define in operational terms. See Fog Computing
  • We want to educate investors, Policy makers on nuances and help communicate better
  • This is not meant to be an authoritative encyclopedia with neutral Point of View.
  • This is more a knowledge base with a bias for contrarian thinking and questioning received wisdom .
  • See IoTWiki Style

IoTForum definition that IoT is Smart Connected Device. Connectivity is optional. Smartness is not

Contributing to IoTWiki

Please spread the word. Anyone can contribute. We use the same software (MediaWiki) used by Wikipedia (The tenth most popular website). First Time users and if you are planning to edit and improve an article or author a new page on some topic please go thru this short guide Contributing to IoTWiki