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About IoTWiki

IoTWiki is a project of IoTForum and is meant to help educate the Indian IoT enterpeuenrs, mentors and policy makers on this vast, rapidly evolving technology that will likley transform all industries.The goal is to Raise the IoT quotient of India. We plan to evangelize usage of "India appropriate technlogy" and cut thru PR and motivated sales talk . We consider that IoT is new and evolving and there are no role models or templates to copy . We must be prepared to make choices without waiting for the train to pass by and then find out best practices or what works.As Startups we question the received wisdom and will chart the new untrodden path if needed.

How to Use


If You have used Wikipedia you can get started straight away. Just note some stylistic conventions are different see IoTWiki Style. If you wish to browse visit the Category Tree.

New to Wiki

Feel at Home. IoTWiki uses the same software from MediaWiki that powers the tenth most visitied site on the Internet the Wikipedia. We suggest a 5 Minute tour of how to navigate.


Anybody can edit wiki. However due to excessive vandalism we have temporarily suspended public editing. Contact us at to get access or suggest changes.

We encourage you to improve exiting articles and suggest new articles actively.As a unregistered user the wiki will show you IP address in edits and comments you make. You need to register to Author and you need a verified email to be able to upload images. It may be up to a week before IoTWiki grants you proper rights.We reccomend you start with using the Talk or Discussion page associated with an article to suggest changes . You can communicate with editors and other users using their "User Talk" page. See this 5 minute video.

Wikitext is a simplified HTML page generator for the wiki.Do take a quick 5 minute introduction to wikitext

An extended help resource is WikiEducator meant for school projects using wiki.


If you have added articles or edited on Wikipedia you are all set. Just note the followig

We may default to wikEd Visual editor. See Visual Editor
If you are new to ceating content with wiki then you should budget an hour for basic editing tutorial and go thru section 2 Screncasts and Youtube video at Wikipedia Instructional_material (section 2)

Authors planning to become proficient and Adminstrators and editors should go thru the following [ Budget 3-5 hours] The Missing manual

We request new authors to create the draft article in a draft Namespace. This is as yet missing in IoTWiki so use a prefix UsersWiki!: to the intended final title of your page. This will be visible but editors and readers will now this is draft and you can publish by moving the page to Articles namespace . See Help:Namespace

Help on Formatting

Use the Formatting help pages to seek community help


We are not an encyclopedia but a knowledge base.We may have contrarian view point. See IoTWiki Style

IoTForIndia website

The associated IoTForum website has public and private discussion groups( Forums) for more topical discssion and news. There are dedicated discussion forums around HW & SW development, business model as well as usecases in verticals. The best benefit of the IoTWiki will be to join both and particpate.

Currently there is no single sign-on between IoTWiki and Forums. You need to regiser and have (potentially different) username and password in the two system. We are working on this


IoTWiki organizes content in a hierarchy of categories. Each Article may belong to one or more Category. The Category tree is a good place to start browsing. Authors and editors should correct mis categorization and link to lowest node of the tree. CategoryTree