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      Access to clean water and air should be our right as citizens. You can buy bottled water but you cannot buy pure air. Bad air is a health tax the society is forced to pay. (There was a Canadian company selling mountain air during Beijing crisis though!). The green activism around air quality suffers on two counts

      The problem that we have no data
      The problem that raw data is not action plan.

      We touched upon the first problem in a separate blog where we talked about the density of stations, improving coverage for a city and developing hybrid network models where sensors can be deployed in large numbers. Here we want to talk about the second problem, namely what to do with the air quality data.

      Kanpur is a city in North India that is synonymous with pollution. It used to be an industrial town and is famous for leather tanneries. Unfortunately there are few checks and balances in government and society re. the pollution. One drive along the stretch of Ganges near Unnao can convince you of that fact. A current survey put Kanpur as the most polluted city in India. This study was based on readings collected by Air quality stations like the one located in Nehru Nagar which is about 9 Km from Panki Power plant.


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