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IoTForIndia has over 2,800 topics as of Nov 2019. The Goal is #RaiseIoTQuotient with knowledge discovery. Discovering the range and depth may be difficult for a new comer. Featured Articles  for 2019 are a sample  till Nov 2019 to help see the range and depth of topics covering Groups and Forums .

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Niral Networks participates as panellist at India Mobile Congress 2019 Challenges and Opportunities in Open Source Networking and 5G. http://www.iotforindia.org/forums/topic/niral-at-challenges-and-opportunities-in-open-source-networking-and-5g-at-india-mobile-congress-2019/

Niral Networks was also a panellist at Industrial Summit 2019. http://www.iotforindia.org/iotevents/iiot-summit-2019/

Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt. Ltd. is addressing the farmer’s irrigation needs by designing and developing Irrigation Systems/Controllers to helps farmers to grow more with less water, labour and electricity. 

Avanijal is featured in in Agriculture and Industry Survey Magazine http://www.iotforindia.org/forums/topic/avanijal-in-agriculture-and-industry-survey-magazine/

SimShine, a computer vision startup based in Shenzhen, has raised $8 million in pre-Series A funding for SimCam, its line of home cameras that use computing to keep data on-device.


EVQPoint introduces its fully indigenous first Electrical Vehicle 3.3kW AC Charge-Pile for charging multiple kinds of electrical vehicles.


Aryabhatta Robotics offers computer vision, edge computing by leveraging AI. A pioneer in face analysis and recognition solutions across various industries ranking as one of the fastest growing AI companies in India.



Drishti’s technology allows people to benefit from Industry 4.0 technology at scale. The data capture, action recognition and AI innovations automatically digitize human actions inside the factory to create a massive new dataset. Manufacturers use Drishti to anchor true digital transformation, driving sweeping improvements in productivity, quality and traceability.

It has received recognition from World Economic Forum and Gartner Cool Vendor 2019.

Cyclops Medtech contributes to the betterment of human health by designing, developing, manufacturing and selling affordable medical devices that meet the highest quality and regulatory standards. Backed by strong scientific evidence establishing the correlation between neuro vestibular conditions and pupil movement, we at Cyclops Medtech are building clinical and wearable diagnostic as well as rehabilitation products for neuro vestibular disorders using eye tracking as a technology enabler.

It has received multiple awards and media recognition.

Numocity is a leading solution provider for e-Mobility Operation. Its Has won Emerging IoT Startup award and featured among top 10 IoT Startups.rations



1. Project Usiru – Improving Air Quality

Piloted by IoTForum to use new methods to measure and establish benefits of different experimental interventions to improve Air Quality.


2. IoT, AI and Blockchain: Catalysts for Digital Transformation

The digital revolution has brought with it a new way of thinking about manufacturing and operations.


3. Robust build management and Diagnostics features with a focus at the Edge

IoT Platform provides a ready-to-use set of features that greatly speeds up the development of applications and the infrastructure required to manage and monitor the plethora of IoT devices promising to take care of scalability and also some amount of cross-device compatibility.


4. How the Realty Sector can cope with growing water crisis – RealtyCheck by Vivek Shukla

Water scarcity is not something India isn’t familiar with, however, its overarching expansion across cities is a serious matter of concern. In states like Karnataka, governments have proposed bans on new construction activity for a period of five years to deal with the water scarcity crisis.



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1. India is primed for an overhaul of the agriculture value chain. Sensors, satellites, drones and robotics have already started to permeate into the consciousness of our agrarian nation. Are you ready for IoTNext 2019? Iotnext.org #agritech #agriculture #IoT #RaiseIoTQuotient @IoTforIndia



2. In 2019, we are a step closer to minimizing the impact of climate change, low yields, post-harvest losses and farmer debt, thanks to the innovation from the 400+ start-ups and institutional businesses in the agritech industry. Join the conversation at IoTNext 2019! Iotnext.org #agritech #agriculture #IoT #RaiseIoTQuotient @IoTforIndia



3. Localization is key for successful adoption in India. Whether it is addressing the challenges of building Ux for several languages or making sure that the solution meets the unique needs of the crop’s regional value chains. Building solutions for the Indian paradigm is not an easy feat. Find out how to address these challenges at IoTNext 2019! Iotnext.org #agritech #agriculture #IoT #RaiseIoTQuotient @IoTforIndia



4. The challenges and scale of Indian agriculture are too large for any one entity to solve alone, though the potential opportunities are huge. We need collaboration and active engagement between public, private and academic sector entities to ensure successes in this dynamic ecosystem to move forward. Join the community at IoTNext 2019! IoTnext.org #agritech #agriculture #IoT #RaiseIoTQuotient @IoTforIndia



5. From IoT enabled precision farming to AI backed yield estimation through satellites; the solutions available in India are truly cutting edge and have the potential to transform the lives of more than 50% of our current workforce. Find out more at IoTNext 2019! IoTnext.org #agritech #agriculture #IoT #RaiseIoTQuotient @IoTforIndia




1. Can India become a mobile handset manufacturing hub?

India aims to become a leading mobile handset manufacturing hub by 2025.

Thus, the focus on electronics manufacturing by the Digital India mission presents a pronounced opportunity for the languishing sector especially at a time when India’s GDP growth has been sliding.



2. Global Market Study on IoT Sensors in Healthcare: North America to Remain Largest Regional Market Through 2026

The research report provides a detailed analysis of the IoT sensors in healthcare market, and offer insights on the various factors driving the popularity of these systems.

The report segregates the global IoT sensors in healthcare Heatemarket based on application, end user, and region.



3. IoT Sensors, What Markets are Trending?

Drivers that are moving numerous IoT companies forward involve new networking technologies, cloud computing, big data, analytics and security. However, there are a fair amount of challenges that still face the industry, as manufacturing is a specialized market with high demands and significant competitive pressures.



4. China and The Internet of Things: Do You Really Own “Your” IoT ?

The Chinese manufacturer usually would perform the product development work at its own expense, with the implied agreement being that it would be the exclusive manufacturer of the product. 



5. WHY your IoT initiative is failing to scale?

IoT is seen as revenue generation or operations transformation initiative and Business stakeholders really need that value reflected in their P&L statements. It is not a technology or a support function. This understanding is not the same across the functions of the organization.



IoT Stack


1. Ants Anternet teachings for IoT: Dr Aloknath De Samsung CTO

Prof. Gordon of Stanford studied #ant communication and Prof. Prabhakar analyzed #internet protocols. When ants go for collection, often they return quickly with food. It means an ‘Ack’ in #TCP.



2. Technical capabilities of an edge computing solution: Bosch

A key purpose of an edge gateway is to enable connectivity with the sensors and actuators. There are many industry protocols that facilitate different styles of device communication. An edge solution should support the most common protocols.



3. Ericsson, Qualcomm complete first live 5G video call in India

Ericsson and an arm of US-based Qualcomm on Tuesday completed the first-ever live 5G video call in India using 28 GHz spectrum. The call was made at the ongoing India Mobile Congress 2019. The achievement is a significant milestone in the country as India gets ready for 5G.




4. Edge2AI Autonomous Car: Collecting Data on Small-scale Smart Car and Preparing Data Pipeline

One of the biggest challenges in acquiring insight from streaming data is ensuring quick, and secure transport while still having clear control. Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) provides the solution to grab the data from the edge and connect it to the cloud with visibility at each point in the data pipeline.



5. Wayve claims ‘world first’ in driving a car autonomously with only its AI and a SatNav

Projects like Google’s Waymo,  Uber, Cruise and Aurora are developing autonomous vehicles by throwing engineers at the problem, basing most of their platforms on rule-based systems that try to pre-empt and deal with every edge case, whilst also peppering the cars with more sensors to capture more data. This can work in relatively controlled environments but has the drawback of not being able to flexibly adapt in real-time to fast-changing situations.



1. How K-Startup Grand Challenge helped Heelium expand

In 2016, Prateek Sharma and Siddharth Jain saw the gap in this industry as an opportunity to start Heelium, a sportswear and athletic footwear startup primarily focused on safety and sustainability.



2. If you want to build a $100B Indian company, stop being proud of jugaad.” -Amit Singhal

Unless you ask yourself troubling questions and stumble across troubling answers, you will not build a long-lasting company that will outlive you.” noted Amit Singhal, a renowned researcher, engineer, and philanthropist as he addressed the gathering at Kalaari’s Annual Summit 2019.



3. Tesla acquires computer vision startup DeepScale in push toward robotaxis – TechCrunch

Tesla has acquired DeepScale, a Silicon Valley startup that uses low-wattage processors to power more accurate computer vision, in a bid to improve its Autopilot driver assistance system and deliver on CEO Elon Musk’s vision to turn its electric vehicles into robotaxis.



4. Defence ministry takes a shot at the startup game

EyeROV and 11 other startups are part of a new initiative for defence innovation at the Forge in Coimbatore.The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was the first to use EyeROV’s drone at its Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory to conduct underwater experiments in December 2017.



5. Dirty Work for Robots – Oven-Sized Roombas

Autonomous vehicles and robotic food-service startups have captured the public’s imagination, but cleaning robots have enormous, if unsexy, potential. The market for commercial-cleaning equipment is giant and fragmented, accounting for an estimated $5 billion in global sales annually.




1. Securing IoT Devices Requires a Change in Thinking

Rather than build software for IoT devices as an application running on a desktop operating system, we need to start from something much smaller. Instead of taking something very complex and asking what can be removed, we should start with something as simple as possible and add the bare minimum.



2. WEF Centre for Cybersecurity’s (C4C) lCyber Resilience in the Electricity Ecosystem, Principles and Tools for BoardsWe all know that the power grid is an increasingly popular target for cyber threat actors. Whether we are worried about hacktivists with the aim of causing civil unrest or state-sponsored groups, we all need to be prepared and understand how to combat these threats together. In such interconnected systems, like electricity,



3. Cyberattacks On IOT Devices Surge 300% In 2019, ‘Measured In Billions’, Report Claims

Security researchers from F-Secure have issued a stark warning that cyberattacks on IoT devices are now accelerating at an unprecedented rate. The company’s “Attack Landscape H1 2019” measured a three-fold increase in attack traffic to more than 2.9 billion events.



4. Bandwidth Security Is Critical in Wake of Rogue IoT Botnets

Bandwidth security against rogue IoT botnets could be the next critical investment priority for the telecommunications sector after a report from NOKIA found that 78 percent of network-based detection in CSP networks in 2018 is attributed to IoT botnet activity used in DDoS and crypto-mining activity.



5. Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in FreeRTOS

Researchers at the mobile security firm Zimperium announced that a member of their had identified 13 vulnerabilities in the FreeRTOS open source project, one of the most popular operating systems for IoT devices.




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