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IoTForum has advocated for IoT Platform, Edge computing , FreshThinking around IoT Security and additional spectrum in Sub Ghz for IoT and usage of LPWAN for Smart City and public places IoT. Hear it in the Launch of IoTForum V2.0  33 minute history and goals of IoTForum. A must watch for volunteers 

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IoT is a happening thing . In India we have witnessed over 100% growth in Startups and are now around 900+. At the launch of IoTForum V2.0 we called it the end of the beginning and now we need to prepare for next phase. It is an exciting stage pregnant with opportunities and as a volunteer you will have a hand and be centre stage at all this. Start-ups The Awards and Start-ups selected by IoTForum have gone on to make a difference. You get a chance to meet them early and understand the exciting stuff being done around us.

VC connects TiE has numerous activities and has great support from the VC community. See the series of 4 TiE Networking Event : How to find and close early stage investors Networking TiE did 90 events in 2016. IoT Forum has done over 36 IoT specific events in 2014-2017. You will organize monthly meets, recommend start-ups for events run by Incubators and help journalists do deep dive articles. You will help maintain the popular IoT Start-up directory and develop much appreciated IoT landscape

Thought  Leadership

Standards India has not been known for developing or contributing to Standards even thought many professionals have been on the boards of IETF, IEEE amd 5G activities. We are trying to develop a new IoT Security standard. See FreshThinking  which will plug in to IEEE P1931.1 Roof Computing.  Read the article here. Public Policy IoT needs a significant level of policy changes. Here is an example of the position paper on Spectrum prepared by IoTForum in 10 Sep 2015. This influenced the TEC to re do and validate the need for 10 Mhz for IoT.  An excerpt from a note to Dr Ajay Kumar Secretary MEITY will give you the flavour. TRAI has in  5th Sep 2017  in its report on “Spectrum, Roaming and QoS related requirements in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications”  recommended 6 MHZ extra for IoT.

As you may be aware the TiE IOT Forum and IESA workgroup on standards and interoperability identified lack of spectrum as a major stumbling block for smart grid and smart city roll out in India We submitted a position paper to the Wireless Planning Coordination(WPC)  wing of the DoT ( the body managing the national frequency allocation plan). The New Technology Group (NTG) is developing a national M2M roadmap and has accepted our proposal and the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC)  Power Workgroup in its November 2015 final report ( TEC-TR-S&D-M2M-002-02)  has recommended 10 Mhz in the 800 Mhz band be allocated for IoT. A copy of the report can be found here.  See  Executive Summary   Page iii( PDF 11) "Furthermore, a study of additional spectrum requirement for low power RF devices for M2M/IoT/IoE/Smart Cities applications has been undertaken. It has been concluded that the existing de-licensed frequency band of 865-867 MHz would not be sufficient to cater to the billions of connected/smart devices that would be deployed in the near future. After undergoing a comprehensive quantitative analysis, it has been recommended to allocate a band of 10-12 MHz for  low power RF devices." Section 4.2 Page 21 (PDF 32) Frequency band selection As per the National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) 2011, over 35 MHz have been provisioned for Public Mobile Radio Trunked Systems (PMRTS) and Captive Mobile Radio Trunked Systems (CMRTS) as shown in Table 9. There may be a possibility of freeing spectrum after the examination of the current usage of PRMTS and CMRTS. Freed spectrum can be earmarked to meet the demand of M2M/IoT/IoE communications. It will be preferable to have the spectrum close to the current delicensed band of 865-867 MHz. We request the DoT to operationalize this recommendation as soon as possible. It is important that the spectrum allocated be in a zone where major semiconductor companies provide ships at low prices. This is crucial for the economic case of IoT in a vast number of Indian scenarios as the current price points are just too high. Our position paper attached explores this in detail. Additionally cellular operators have been requesting additional spectrum and TRAI has a consultation underway to value and auction additional spectrum in the 700, 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2300 and 2500 MHz Bands. We request that 400,700 and 800 Mhz bands be given special consideration as M2M and IoT rollouts need 22Mhz bandwidth in these regions over the next 20 years. Pre-emptive licensing of this spectrum to cellular will gravely hurt the Smart City rollouts . Auctioning the 902-928 Mhz band ( used in USA for IoT) may be a acceptable use of additional spectrum.

We have much work to do in M2M Regulation

Roles There are some standard roles we are looking for but we are a volunteer driven organization and are prepared to shape our activities around volunteer’s interests

  • ModeratorWork with subject matter experts in shaping articles, blogs and position papers. This needs skills in connecting ideas, simplifying and communicating and skills in laying documents out with tasteful layout and beautifying the digital look and feel. You need about 4 hour a week time commitment. You will develop deep understanding of IoT technology and trends
  • EditorManage pipeline of articles, contributor and authors. Reach out to potential national and international experts and startups. Work with Community engagement teams to shape content and events. Needs 4-8 hours a week
  • WordPress AdminManage on-boarding users and helping them use the site. Troubleshoot issues with website and manage forums and blog posts. May need 2 hours a week but can be time critical. Technical knowledge or willingness to learn WordPress and php, apache server and hosted services troubleshooting
  • Wiki AdminManage onboarding users and running cleanups on wiki. May need 2 hours week.
  • Community EngagementEncourage entrepreneurs to attend events, network with other organizations (incubators), develop programs and content that will be relevant. Needs 4-8 hours a week and travel to various facilities.
  • TiE events and initiativesPlan and execute Monthly meets, small events like IoTDay and big events like IoTNext . Will need 2 hours a week in early stage and almost full time over weekends near bigger events.

Please write to iotforumweb@tiebangalore.org indicating your interest area and we will surely engage with you.