IoTForum is a TiE Bangalore initiative started July 2014 as a special Interest group in Internet of Things (). TiE Bangalore runs over 90 events a year covering , mentoring, financing etc. The IOTForum hosts events more focussed on IoT . From Sep 2014 to Nov 2017 IoTForum has ( in association with IESA, IEEECISO Platform) hosted over 36 events and touched 3,300+ delegates and 420+ start-ups.  With the rapid growth of IoT Startups from 120+ to 900+ in 3 years we are adopting the goal of Raising the IoT quotient of India

IoTForum conducts regular small meetings and workshops for practioners ranging from technical topics like Contiki , LPWAn (LoRa), MEMS sensors to use case and grow the business events around Agritech, Wellness as well as day long event like IoTDay and IoTnext , the marquee IoT event in India . With IESA IoTForum ran an intensive and succesfull Assistance Scheme and IoTNext . Some of the alumnus of the Assistance scheme have done very well. Past events and upcoming ones can  be seen  here

We have special focus on following

  • AgrItech since last 3 years and have a special interest group for this
  • Regulation IoT Regulation by DoT/ TRAI is seen thru the prism of Telecom and is not very conducive to innovation. We want to connect likeminded folks and present a well thought thru alternant narrative. We will partner with other organizations for this
  • Security We are leading bold new Standard for IoT Security under FreshThinking.
  • LPWAN as we consider usage of Sub giga hertz India appropriate and WiFi and cellular as inappropriate for India
  • IoTPlatform There are over 400 and this is a hot area. We encourage usage of IoT platform.


Using this Website

 This website is composed of several forums where news, and meetups, training announcements and questions and discussions by the community are encouraged. There is a separate IoTWiki intended to provide clear India appropriate view points about the new emerging field of IoT. It is meant to help educate the Indian IoT entrepreneurs, mentors and policy makers on this vast, rapidly evolving that will likely transform all industries. For a quick introduction to goals, features and users guide visit How to Use the website

Startup Directory

The India IoT Startup Directory is a go to resource for stakeholders and featuers over 900 Startups. Make sure your company or your portfolio company where you have invested or mentor has applid and been listed. You can see the Directory online here.


India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) is the premier trade body committed to the development of a vibrant Indian Electronics System and (ESDM) and evangelizing the dream of establishing “Brand India” that is recognized worldwide as a go-to destination for electronic products. IESA is co host of IoTNext the marquee IoT event and has co hosted many IoTForum activities.


Founded in 1992 in the Silicon Valley, TiE is a not-for-profit, global community, fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, incubation and funding. The Bangalore chapter of TiE is very active and runs over 90 events a year covering a range helpful in promoting entrepreneurship from funding and legal Clinic, Investor Connect and networking events as well regular Product Showcase and pitch sessions. Anthah:Prerna is a flagship event to encourage early stage start-ups.

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