Lightmetrics makes US roads safer with its video analytics solutions

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      The story of LightMetrics began in in February 2015 with six tech experts who worked together at Nokia Research for five years. Between them, they had filed over 90 patents and helped ship out millions of phones. They wanted to use their combined expertise in computer vision, machine learning, camera technology and signal processing to solve real challenges on the ground. That’s how Soumik Ukil, Ravi Shenoy, Mithun Uliyar, Gururaj Putraya, Pushkar Putwardhan and Krishna A G came together to start LightMetrics.

      A video analytics company, LightMetrics helps transportation fleets, auto insurance companies and ride-sharing players better understand driving behaviour to improve safety and increase efficiency. The Bengaluru-based startup has a subsidiary in San Jose, California.

      Three years into their journey, they have two key offerings aimed at the self-driving rental market and trucking companies. While RideView, a software development kit (SDK) offers real-time, on-device visual analytics which transforms a smartphone into a smart dash cam, RideCam is an affordable dashcam that leverages the computing power of a mobile device.

      RideView has Android, iOS, and custom SDKs with offerings aimed at management of driving behaviour for fleet management, auto insurance, and for camera OEMs to make existing cameras smarter.  The solutions helps measure key performance indicators for drivers in terms of safety and compliance, thereby enabling the identification repeat offenders so that they can be coached properly, as well as accident mitigation through real-time ADAS warnings. It also helps with real-time crowd-sourced mapping of roads, helps insurance underwriters understand risk better and reduce risk through positive driver behaviour modification, and gives Camera OEMs newer recurring revenue channels by enabling them to add services related to driver and vehicle safety.

      On the other hand, RideCam is a cross-platform connected dashcam solution. It pairs automatically with mobile devices in the vicinity and streams 720p video in real time. The devices are powered by RideView SDK for ADAS notifications and driving behaviour analytics including event videos.

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