Microsoft Brings Cloud, AI, And IoT To Physical Spaces With Launch Of Azure Digital Twins

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      We are still in the early stages of technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), and IoT (internet-of-things) and really just scratching the surface of what they’re capable of and how they can transform the way we design, create, live in and interact with the world around us. Today, at the Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft took a big step forward in expanding access to these technologies and enabling companies of all sizes to think outside the box and explore innovative new solutions with the launch of Azure Digital Twins.

      The concept of a digital twin, in and of itself, is not new. They’ve been used for planning and maintaining industrial equipment. What Microsoft has done with Azure, however, is to take the basic concept of digital twins and apply it more broadly to all of the ways people live in and work with their physical environments. Microsoft says that Azure Digital Twins will help organizations of all sizes model complex interactions between people, places, and things to identify new opportunities and operate more efficiently.

      A blog post by Bert Van Hoof, partner group manager for Azure IoT, explains, “Most IoT projects today start from a things-centric approach, but we’ve flipped that around. We’ve found that customers realize huge benefits by first modeling the physical environment and then connecting (existing or new) devices to that model. Customers gain new spatial intelligence capabilities and new insights into how spaces and infrastructure are really used.”

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