When the IoT meets robotics, wonders can happen

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      Besides making our homes safer, IoT-enabled robots can also be used for industrial applications. In fact, IoT integration with industrial robots is a growing market, called the Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT), and estimates show it will reach $20 billion by 2022. Thanks to the IoT, robots can collect valuable data that’s stored on the cloud, where it’s easily accessible to human operators. That same data allows human workers to analyse machine performance and identify if something is out of place.

      For instance, a leading manufacturer of robotic solutions, KUKA, created a cloud-based platform called KUKA Connect. Robots connected to this platform will send data to the cloud and enable human staff to access and analyse it on any device, anytime. In other words, KUKA Connect transforms data into actionable insights. Using graphs or charts, operators can better visualite robot data. This allows human staff to see the state of their robots, as well as to spot issues. The platform will even notify operators about upcoming maintenance events. And with proper maintenance, the robot’s lifecycle will be extended.

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