Zoho-backed team creates 1st desi LTE chip

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      #News(IoTStack) [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]

      India may get its first home-made LTE chipset, driven by research activities of a team of 50 engineers working in stealth mode in the country’s tech hub Bengaluru, backed by maverick entrepreneur Sridhar Vembu, founder of SaaS major Zoho.

      [ Editors Note : IoTNext 2017 Awardee MyMO wireless is making 5G chips
      Mymo Wireless takes on global giant Qualcomm in making 5G chipsets ]

      Vembu stressed on the importance of this project by asserting that India must have its own LTE chip in the interest of national security. He was speaking at a “Business Visionaries Series” function in Chennai last week (9 February). He added that, “US CEOs buy private jets. My jet is developing India’s first LTE Chip for our national security. Far more satisfying than any Jet ever!”.

      Privately held Zoho is among the top software product companies in India and is known to have valuations higher than most unicorns here. However, Vembu is allergic to external private funding, which he says cripples creativity. “An investor will not allow me to spend time on R&D.

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