Interoperability and Standards

One factor that will help the take-off in India is the ability to innovate and offer products which are more tuned to the price, and reliability needs of the Indian context. The last mile of is not yet standardized. M2M platforms are attempting to solve these issues. We also need to be able to advise startups on wise choices from the plethora of emerging standards like Allseen, Open Interconnect Consortium, Google Thread, Apple HomeKit, GE / OMG Industrial Internet Consortium, UK HyperCat.We will use SmartCity as a test and use case around traffic, lighting, water(leak detection), parking , pollution (air quality), and community sharing(crowd sourced , ridesharing) in the living lab at Electronic city. We hope to develop reference architecture for startups to adopt and have this implemented in phases as a basis for projects. This will meet the need to share infrastructure and resources across SmartTraffic, SmartWater, SmartEnergy and other initiatives in public health and agriculture.

Dr Abhijit Lele

Abhijit Lele is currently associated with Research at Robert Bosch. He specializes in Pervasive Computing, with focus on semantic technologies and information exchange protocols. He has over 20 years of industry experience working in different domains of Wireless Networks, Telecommunication networks and Context aware computing.

Nagaraj K G
Melange Systems Pvt.


Nagaraj has around 19 years of industrial experience. His career started in an automobile industry as an electronic engineer in 1995. He has worked in Bluewizz Technologies, Hewlett-Packard and has multi-domain expertise in electronics , firmware /software development, wireless technologies/communication engineering, system design/architecture, management skills etc. He led the team at a start-up company Melange Systems Pvt. Ltd since 2005.