Announcing the Open Source IIoT Protocol Knowledgebase

As part of the 8th edition of the Matrix Global Summit, TiE Bangalore and Matrix Forum unveiled an Opensource Knowledgebase for Industrial Protocols.

IIoT Protocol Knowledgebase

TiE Matrix Forum has created this open-source knowledge base to address the barrier to understanding the nuances and interoperability aspects across the plethora of legacy and modern protocols that are used in an industrial shop floor. This knowledgebase is available as an open-source repository covering many industrial protocols  (like MODBUS, PROFINET, COAP, etc.), along with their description, history, specifications, and use cases.

The repository can be accessed on GitHub.

While reviewing the knowledgebase, Mr. Saumen De, General Manager (retired.), Computerization and Automation of Bokaro Steel Plant, SAIL said: 

“It is a very well written document. After reading this, anybody working in this field will understand what are the different types of protocols used for communication between the field and the computers, where they can be used, their advantages and disadvantages, -benefit, and ease of operation in both IoT and . This repository is useful and worth reading.”

Matrix Forum intends to build this knowledge base as a living repository and encourages the larger community of experts and practitioners to contribute to it further by adding open-source code and knowledge nuggets for the protocols that will act as accelerators for startups, system integrators, and end users wishing to get a head start in this domain.

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