LoRaWAN Brings IoT Connectivity to Rural U.S.

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        LoRaWAN Brings IoT Connectivity to Rural U.S.
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        Managed service provider IoT America is delivering the Internet of Things (IoT) to the rural United States, with long-range wide-area network (LoRaWAN) technology to capture sensor data from fields and remote locations.
        The company is conducting pilots and is planning deployments with potential partners and end users, including those in the farming industry for IoT connectivity, to accomplish such tasks as tracking the levels of water tanks or grain bins, locating assets such as tractors or equipment or, most recently, monitoring the conditions of soil to prevent over- or under-watering.
        The company was launched by Pete Denagy, IoT America’s president, and Dan Croft, the company’s CEO.
        Although many technology companies offer tools, Lai says, IoT America is the first to provide devices, software and wireless networks in the rural United States.
        “It’s a noisy landscape,” he explains, “with people coming in left and right to sell solutions.” What’s lacking, Lai says, is a way for end users to deploy and access data from IoT systems seamlessly.
        IoT America, launched in 2017, strives to make IoT adoption as seamless as possible, Lai says, in places where connectivity is often lacking.
        The company typically consults with customers or partners to determine what IoT technology, as well as what access to the collected IoT data, is necessary for them, and then builds a customized solution to meet those customers’ challenges.
        IoT America provides the networking capability required for a specific site or application, using LoRaWAN-based sensors and gateways.
        IoT America partners with rural carrier providers and is a member of the LoRa Alliance.
        The company installs a LoRa gateway in a given area to capture sensor data, which then forwards that information via a cellular connection to a cloud-based server.
        Its customers fall into two categories: authorized partners selling sensor-based solutions in the rural U.S., and the users themselves, such as farmers

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