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        #Announcement(Startup) #Invitation #Jobs [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]
        #Organizer : Merck /T-Hub #City : Hyderabad #DueDateTime : 7 Jan 2019 #StartDateTime : 26 Jan 2019 #EndDateTime : 26 Jan 2019

        T-Hub is inviting Full-Stack Developers & System Architects experienced in IoT & Cybersecurity to apply for the Hack2Hire program. Through this program, T-Hub seeks to enhance the talent pool of Merck towards implementing digital projects in the Life Sciences domain alongside pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers and to help make life-enhancing medicines a reality.

        Experience in designing user interfaces for SCADA applications
        Hands-on programming experience in programming on front end technologies
        Java Stack & Javascript
        Experience in Micro-services & Security
        Ability to create & articulate a high level and detailed level technical design aligned to the requirement

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          Watch glimpses of #Hack2Hire – An IoT Hackathon, conducted by #THub in partnership with Merckgroup. Where a power-packed talent force comprising of innovators, problem solvers, risk takers, go-getters, and team players came forward to solve problems in real-time and win an opportunity to work with Merck

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