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        It’s time for the DIY smart home 2020 challenge with Home Assistant
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        I like how Samsung’s product is running my smart home currently, so I’m not abandoning it.
        And this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to implementing a very hands-on smart home system.
        In 2010, I installed a headless server (read: a server without a monitor that could only be accessed through a network connection) and set my smart home up with Insteon products.
        Today we see more products gravitating towards near-ubiquitous radio and protocol solutions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
        And some lighting products have moved away from using Zigbee, which requires a supporting hub or bridge device, turning instead to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
        So I’m wondering if a DIY smart home is really even worth it for most people when a simpler solution may just be to buy a retail hub, Google Home or Amazon Echo product and move on.
        One could easily argue that Home Assistant or a similar open source product gives you more control over your smart home, keeps your data local and supports a wider range of products.
        Google, Amazon, and others are already working on local control for smart home devices, so I suspect in the not too distant future, that advantage begins to diminish in a DIY smart home.
        Hubitat already keeps your data in house, for example; there’s no cloud component so your data stays with you and your smart home continues to function if there’s an internet outage.
        In terms of supported products, when you have open source contributors that are passionate about the smart home, you often find some new code or script that will let your new smart bulb, switch or lock work.
        But I haven’t been pondering the purchase of a new smart product that didn’t seem to have SmartThings support.
        This test of Home Assistant over the coming weeks should be eye-opening.
        Not just for the actual installation, configuration, and use, but also for what key benefits it brings to my smart home.
        So while I dust off my trusty old Raspberry Pi, I’m curious to hear from current DIY smart home folks

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