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        We are particularly interested in new kinds of science, and associated management strategies that stem from bringing real-time data sets together and observing related inter-dependencies.
        Most research in this area has tackled urban environments with a strong focus on smart cities or transport infrastructure. In our view, IoT has even more potential in rural environments, providing real-time data streams to support a deep understanding of environmental inter-dependencies and the subsequent support for holistic management strategies. This project illustrates and evaluates the potential of IoT technology in a given catchment, the Conwy. Through this, the project is delivering:

        1. An integrated distributed systems infrastructure consisting of an experimental Internet of Things also linking to a cloud computing environment, and achieving interoperability across the resultant complex system;

        2. A set of techniques to discover and study inter-dependencies across disparate real-time data streams representing different environmental facets, at potentially different geographical locations and at different scales;

        3. Two end user driven applications based on the underlying IoT/ cloud infrastructure demonstrating the impact of a more integrative approach to science and how it can inform holistic environmental management, e.g. across land and water management.

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