The TATA Safety Watch for the Safety of workers in Industrial plants

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        #News(IoTStack) [ via IoTForIndiaGroup ]

        The TATA Safety Watch intended to protect workers in Industrial areas. Design in India and Make in South Korea.

        Several thousands now being installed in a major plant to protect their workers.

        Providing hear beat rate, skin temperature, fall detection, immobility detection, geo-tracking using BLE proximity detection, low battery alarm, worn detection and alarm, a SOS button, a buzzer ……and Date & Time. It uses the Tata Communications LoRA WAN network to transmit parameters and receive data as well.

        Each watch is associated with a worker; and data are stored in the Tata Communications Safety application, allowing trend analysis.

        All those parameters are associated with configurable thresholds generating user specific alarms (wearable initiated) or a generic alarm. If a worker enters an area either hazardous or for which he does not have the required authorization, application will trigger the buzzer to inform the worker and sends an alarm (SMS/Email/Application) to his/her management and plant Control and Command Centre. In case of an emergency plant evacuation order, the plant Control Command Center sends an evacuation order triggering the buzzer (specific sequence) on each watch, and alerting the worker to leave immediately and gather at the assembly point. At any moment, plant management knows how many workers have joined the assembly point and how many are left in the plant and where; thanks to BLE localization.

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          Keeping up with the latest IoT technologies, solutions, vendors and use cases can be overwhelming. Every week we’re inundated with new announcements about how some widget is going to solve a problem we didn’t even know existed. The challenge is trying to weed through the marketing messages to find the technologies and solutions that can deliver tangible business value today – and which are over-hyped and nowhere near ready for commercial deployment.

          I was discussing this challenge with an industry contact recently and I told them I read hundreds of technology and solution announcements every year, but I think only a handful have a chance to be game changers (e.g. create new business models, disrupt an industry). My contact then said, “Why not write a blog series about the handful of IoT initiatives you think can be game changers?”

          After getting over the “how am I going to find the time to do that?” excuse, I agreed. Hence, the “IoT Watch List” was born.

          To kick off this blog series, I will examine Tata Communication’s launch of a nationwide, low power WAN (LPWAN) in India based on LoRa technology.

          IoT Watch List: Tata Comms LoRa Deployment in India

              Charles Reed Anderson & Company

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