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        #Announcement(Startup) #Invitation #Challenge [ via IoTGroup ]
        #Organizer : UNDP India #City : NCR #DueDateTime : 10 Dec 2019 #StartDateTime : 1 March 2020

        UNDP India is calling on innovators who can come up with tested solutions to address different sources of air pollution in northern India. We are looking for solutions that have a proof of concept to reduce, avoid and/or improve upon the current levels of Air Pollution and can be readily made applicable on the field. The major sources of pollution that UNDP is looking to address are vehicular emissions, waste and biomass open burning, construction and road dust, industrial emissions, agricultural waste burning.

        The applicant could be any registered organization with a minimum of 1 year of experience or an individual affiliated to a recognized educational/technical institution.

        The applicant should have tried and tested the innovation for at least 6 months and should have a strong proof-of-concept.

        The top 3 finalists of this Innovation Challenge will be supported by UNDP Accelerator Lab to grow their innovations in 2020.

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          <p>How to register please share link</p>

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